Monday, May 25, 2009

ps: Things I Am Looking Forward to

I'll start with this category, in the hopes that it will cheer me up.

1. Lots of spicy food

2. A slice. Then another.

3. People who put a little pep into it.

4. Extreme air-conditioning.

5. People who speak my language, in every sense of the phrase.

6. Non-dubbed American TV shows.

7. Eyebrows that don't raise at the drop of a hat.

8. Getting back onto some kind of reasonable diet that doesn't involve chocolate before noon.

9. Speaking of that: much less dairy, much less bread, much less sugar. A lot more vegetables (and I'm not talking half-butter, half-potato puree), and shopping expeditions to Whole Foods.

10. Personal space.


  1. You know, for Paris I would sacrifice all of the things on this list but as a foreigner, I remember #10 being the hardest to deal with. Bravo you.

  2. The personal space thing is a biggie for me, too. A guy who was talking to me at the Louvre was leaning in so close, so I kept taking little steps back until I was literally up against the wall. It's incredible how uncomfortable a space invader can make me feel - very anxious!