Saturday, May 9, 2009

jour no. 10 - il pleut

Folks back home who have been suffering through a week of rain will be relieved to know that the weather has turned here, as well – it's gray and drizzly and chilly. A perfect day to eat like mad.

I was very productive this morning. Got up and out the door by 10 (despite being out late with Katie last night, eating delicious antipasti and thin-crust pizza at La Briciola and drinking way too much rosé), and figured out the Velib system. How incredible! For 5 euros, I've got a seven-day pass to pick up a bike whenever I like, from any of the hundreds of stands around the city. So I cruised over to the 1er arrondissement to go to Darty (the Best Buy of France) to buy a new camera, as my beloved Sony finally died, after gasping for a few months. We'll see if I like the photos from this new one as much.

Then I made my obligatory stop at Eric Kayser, this time for a croissant and a pain aux raisins, which made for a rather decadent breakfast.

Just a couple of hours later, I was back outside, this time on foot, in the rain, to pick up a poulet rôti, a baguette, and some vegetables, for a delicious lunch. I did have some trouble carving the poulet; it took me a while to realize it was trussed upside down, and that there was actually quite a lot of breast meat once I turned the thing over. I had been thinking French chickens were awfully scrawny.

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  1. You really should try a baguette from Boulanger de Monge... better than Kayser, I think.,com_contact/task,view/contact_id,1/Itemid,20/