Monday, May 25, 2009

a few things I forgot to mention:

There are actual windmills in Montmartre.

The guy at the concert at Châtelet who, right as the conductor took his place for the second encore, shouted out "Chicago!"

The fact that the next day, Le Fumoir's music mix included Tony Bennett singing "Chicago," and on my last night, Jean Julien was playing Sinatra singing you guessed it (Jean Julien confessed that it's his dream to be married in Vegas; this to me is inexplicable, in the same way that French humor is inexplicable).

This incredible Hair by Kenneth holdout at Garnier.

Yet another potentially irresistible set of wheels.

I'm risking my foodie street cred, but I did want to tell you that part of the reason I so loved Eric Kayser's chocolate mini financiers is that they reminded me of chocolate Dunkin' Munchkins.

Our collective crush on Jean Philippe, the waiter at Le Verre Volé.

The Parisian obsession with Obama.


  1. Siobhan, I found your blog through James Wolcott's admiring link. (Well done! He is a discriminating reader, and the one time he linked to my own blog, I felt I had won the Smart Girl Lottery.)

    I cannot speak for the East Coast, but Eric Kayser has trained a crack team of bakers and pastry chefs out here in Los Angeles. There's a mothership called "BreadBar" on Third Street, but a number of the coffee shops also carry little baggies of "Wall Streets." (Their term, not mine.)

    So if life should ever take you out here, that's something to look forward to.

  2. Kate, thanks for the note! I used to live in L.A. and need to make a trip out there to visit friends, so I will definitely make a note to visit the mothership (along with Lucky Scent).
    I completely agree about the honor of having Jim Wolcott's sign of approval - I definitely felt that I'd won a blogging knighthood or something, and within just a week of my first blog post ever.

    And I'm looking forward to reading your blog, esp. as I miss California...