Wednesday, May 6, 2009

jour no. 7 - my gallery

I haven't been outside yet today (it's nearly 3pm). What with my morning French lesson and the fact that I feel a slight sore throat coming on (which, by the way, you should never say to a Parisian if you are a recently arrived New Yorker during the midst of a global swine flu epidemic -- one guy I was talking to actually took three steps back, with a look of utter panic on his face, when I mentioned my scratchy throat), I'm just lazing around the apartment, eating yogurt and bread and financiers, and drinking tea with milk and honey.

So I thought I would give you, dear reader(s), a look at some of the artwork in "my" apartment. The couple who own this flat have long been in the art world, and there are quite a few major contemporary photographs here. Most are ginormous -- around four feet square -- and a couple give me the heebie jeebies (like this portrait of a man, for instance -- I feel as if Damian Woetzel is staring me down). But overall, it makes one feel quite cultured to be eating yogurt surrounded by significant art.


  1. right???? oddly, i went to the maison europeenne de la photographie tonight, and the back of the ticket had a photo of the same guy, by the same photographer. so I guess it's a big deal, but it's STILL creepy.