Wednesday, May 6, 2009

jour no. 7 - le ballet

My assignment for today's French lesson was to read an article in Le Nouvel Observateur and be ready to discuss. Of course, me being me, I picked an article about dance (in this case, Emanuel Gat and his new work for

Paris Opera Ballet). Isabelle, my instructor (who wouldn't let me take her picture today because, she said, her hair was "une grande catastrophe"), was complimentary about my grammar and so forth, but said I should try to slow down a bit.

Clearly, when it comes to ballet, I can get a little worked up -- how can you not? So I'm quite excited that I blew some serious euros yesterday on something not made out of sugar and butter: a ticket to Paris Opera Ballet's Onegin, at Palais Garnier on Tuesday, hopefully featuring Aurelie Dupont and Nicolas Le Riche. (I included a couple of euros in this photo not to illustrate how little money I have left at this point, but to give you a sense of the immensity of this ticket. It's like a license plate.)

Meanwhile, les jeunes filles at the school next door are prancing around the courtyard in their leotards. Why didn't this happen at Cos Cob School in the '70s?

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