Saturday, May 2, 2009

jour no. 3 - alimentation

Today was a big food day. I had lunch at Chez Omar, a North African restaurant with delicious couscous. The waiter was astonished that I drank an entire liter of San Pellegrino -- still dehydrated from traveling, I suppose.

I went to G. Detou, a food shop that reminded me a bit of Sahadi's in Brooklyn, and bought honey, vanilla beans, and tea. Somehow, it seemed a good idea to go into a fantastically chic chocolate shop and spend 20 EUROS on a tiny bag of orangettes (chocolate-covered candied orange peel). I'm rationing them.

Then, after walking around the 1st for a while, I went back to my neighborhood and went to "my" bakery, Eric Kayser, for a baguette, and "my" fromagerie, Aleosse, for butter.

A vendor was selling honey, so I bought more (oranger, with a thick, spreadable consistency) along with some pollen. (Also bought a hair dryer at Monoprix). Lugged it all home, and had a delicious snack of baguette, butter, and honey.

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