Thursday, May 21, 2009

jour no. 21 - Zazie dans le Métro

This was on television the other night. It was such an odd movie - I won't even get into it - but I of course was quite thrilled to be sitting in Paris, watching Zazie and the others clown around every major landmark in the city. I did end up with some serious car envy, however: all those great 1950s Citroëns and Fiats and Peugeots... Even the epic traffic jam looked glamorous to me.

And Catherine Demongeot was pretty irresistible in the title role, causing chaos wherever she went, driving all the adults to distraction, and throwing temper tantrums at not being able to fulfill her dream during her weekend in Paris: all she wants to do is ride the Métro, and the Métro is shut down due to a strike.


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