Thursday, May 7, 2009

jour no. 8 - le printemps

And by that I mean the season, not the department store.

The sun came out today, and it's perfect outside: breezy, warm, and filled with flowers. This is a city like no other for flowers — there are drifts and plots and patches and squares overflowing with flowers.

Today I walked to a friend's apartment, down the Boulevard Pereire. There used to be train or trolley tracks here, I believe, but now the middle of the boulevard is a series of gardens and other open spaces (playgrounds, a random ping-pong table, a gazebo), culminating in Place du Maréchal Juin, which is a traffic circle wrapping around, of course, a garden.

Apparently, the gardens of Boulevard Pereire have a different theme each year (a while back, it was edible decorative plants, with big clumps of swiss chard, and lots of summer squash); I'm not sure what this year's theme is ("Mad Gorgeousness"?), but it is fascinating to know that everything gets replaced every year.

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  1. So what's up with your "alimentation"?