Sunday, May 17, 2009

jour no. 17 - back to Le Verre Volé

Last night, we couldn't resist: we headed back to Le Verre Volé to repeat our wonderful dinner of the night before.

We went for the escargots with morels again, along with the giant asparagus and a dish of smoked duck breast with sautéed cabbage. We also tried the pâté de campagne, which was so rich and flavorful. And the owner chose two great bottles of red for us from his selection of "bio" wines (organic and natural).

For my main, I finally had some confit du canard - so decadent - with mashed potatoes and more asparagus.

We managed to save room for dessert this time. Katie went for the chocolate, while I chose the frozen strawberry thingamabob.

The restaurant was just as lively and friendly and warm as we'd remembered. I bet I'll squeeze in at least one more visit before the week is out.

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