Thursday, May 14, 2009

jour no. 15 - le ciné

OK, I admit it, I'm kind of hooked on movies here in Paree. It's just, there are so many OPTIONS. My fellow New Yorkers, I don't even need to splain, right? The movie theater sitch in NYC is dreadful, right?

If you don't think so, spend some time here. You'll just die. You could go to the movies all day, every day, and never ever come to the end.

To add to the enticement, one of the movie theater chains here has a promotion this week: every movie, every day, every seat, for 3 euros. Hello!

So I went to see something that here is called "Un Mariage de Reve," and in England was called "Easy Virtue," and which I don't remember hearing about under any name in the U.S. Based on the Noel Coward play, with Jessica Biel and Colin Firth (who can tango! who knew?) and Kristin Scott Thomas. Quite enjoyable, I must say – especially Jessica Biel's wardrobe (see photo, pls). Those wide-legged trousers! Those spectators! The jaunty jackets!


One little note on Parisian movie audiences: they talk during previews. And I don't mean like this:

person one, in a low tone: "Oh, I heard about this movie."
-long pause-
person two, also in a low tone: "Oh, look, it's Liam Neeson."
-long pause-
p1: "Let's go see that."

No no no. Here, everyone talks, full volume, paying absolutely no attention to the previews. It's just general conversation, continuing from dinner or what not, and just sounds like this:

"Blah de la blah de la blah de la blah de la blah de la blah de la blah de la blah."

Etc. Me no likey.


  1. Interesting! David Sedaris had commented that the French are quieter than American film audiences (no hooting and cheering, etc.), but I guess previews don't count. Also recall him mentioning that they don't sell snacks, either which I personally would prefer.

    Funny story about French cineastes: The DVD of the film Dans Paris had a clip of the co-star Louis Garel (sp?) walking around Paris. He comes across a group of American kids in (I think) their 20's. He asks which French films they like--no answer. Which directors do they like--they couldn't come up with one. Finally they turn the table on him and ask which directors HE likes. He says Woody Allen. To which one of the young Americans says, "I think I know him. What does he look like? Is he white?"

  2. "Easy Virtue" had its US premiere on May 11. I will have to catch it when it opens here in lala land.