Monday, May 4, 2009

jour no. 5 - alimentation

- Breakfast: yogurt with honey, tea with milk and honey, croissant, and two orangettes (still making those last).

- Lunch: a delicious club sandwich at Les Editeurs in St German de Pres (Nicole, note the lovely pain de mie), with frites and a glass of rosé. (The Parisiens are really into decorating every plate with inexplicable smears and sprinkles. I could do without this practice.)

- Snack: An astonishingly good croissant aux amandes that I was going to have with tea, but which I had finished before the water even boiled. This croissant, along with these adorable mini financiers (vanilla, pistachio, and chocolate) and cupcake-sized chocolate cake (note the chic packaging) from my local branch of Eric Kayser, whose baguettes are basically reason enough to come to Paris.

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