Monday, May 4, 2009

jour no. 5 - les leçons commencent

Today was my first day with my French tutor, Isabelle. My shining moment was when she said that there didn't seem to be any "grandes catastrophes" in my French.

I was also thrilled when she told me to buy some notebooks. There are those among you who may know that I'm a paper junkie. If it weren't for the fear of the potential heaviness of my luggage, I'd probably buy up a gross ton of gorgeous European cahiers. They're EVERYWHERE -- I went to Office Depot on Av. de la Grande Armee today to get printer paper, and voila! Stacks and stacks of lovely notebooks and pads, two of which came instantly into my possession. And I'd already earlier in the afternoon pounced on a three-pack of the large lined Moleskin notebooks that are no longer imported to the U.S., apparently. So the collection begins....


  1. Sio, this is great. ONe thing your tutor will tell you is that your blog titles should be: 1er Jour; 2eme jour 3eme jour etc.


  2. Ah, gorgeous. J'adore cahiers, too. This pic makes me wish I had picked some up the last time I was in France. BTW, I think Borders carries the Moleskin 3-packs, but maybe not all sizes.

  3. from what I understand, Moleskin no longer imports the large, lined, soft-cover notebooks to the States. So I'm stocking up.