Saturday, May 23, 2009

jour no. 24 - the Last Supper

Look, I know there are more restaurants and wine bars and cafés in Paris than an entire army of New York gals can shake a million sticks at. But I wanted to go back to La Cave du Daron and Le Verre Volé for my last night.

Jean Julien at La Cave du Daron (that's him hiding behind the cheese) is one of those great hosts: everyone who enters his shop/bar is made to feel welcome, and if you stick around, you'll probably end up a bit tipsy, too. Or maybe that's just us.

Anywho, we spend a good hour and a half drinking Champagne and eating fabulously stinky cheese and fabulously tangy sausage before walking over (through a beautiful dusk, along the canal) to my third meal at Le VV.

Let me just point out that, all in all, I didn't eat out a lot of dinners during my time here. And still, on my final night, I wanted to go to Le VV (which doesn't look like much from the outside) for the third time.

The four of us had the asparagus yet again, along with brandade with artichokes, veal pâté with tomato confit, and tuna tartare with avocado as starters. My main was the rouget again, with baby vegetables. We polished off a couple of great reds from the Rhône, chosen by the ever-charming Jean Philippe, and to finish, a bowl of cherries from Nîmes and a lovely raisin-y dessert wine that pretty much finished us off.

At 2, it was implied that it was time to leave, and then at 2:30, cabs were called, so we took the hint.

No one washed my feet, but it was still a perfect last supper.

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