Friday, May 15, 2009

jour no. 16 - the march of time

My friends, where did this week go? My first week here was so long and leisurely and filled with pastry. The second week: poof.

Alors, I have to make a not-too-daunting list of everything that still needs to be done, before I turn back into an all-American pumpkin on the 24th. Suggestions are welcome.

{pic: another gorgeous d'Orsay clock}


  1. Ile St-Louis---mmmm

  2. And, take a day trip or two out of Paris (Versailles, Fontainebleau, Provins, Loire Valley---don't miss the gardens... many many choices)

  3. Is pere lachaise too touristy? you could get a class upgrade if you snap proust's tombstone.

  4. Have you been to the weekend flea markets? The Bastille viaduct/park?