Tuesday, May 19, 2009

jour no. 19 - rive gauche

On the first of hopefully a string of lovely sunny days, Katie and I met for an al fresco lunch at Au Pied de Fouet, in the 7e, for some serious traditional food. I had leeks vinaigrette to start, followed by confit de canard with more mashed potatoes, while Katie opted for steak in a green-peppercorn cream sauce. Arteries, beware.

And I ask your forgiveness, yet again, for forgetting to take a picture of this delicious food. Here's what happens: I'm sitting at the table, hungry; the plates arrive, and all rational thought zips out of my head, leaving only the impulse to devour my food; as I sit afterwards, sated and dazed, I inevitably think, "Shoot, forgot to take a picture for the blog." I plead inexperience: this is my first blogging experience, so please cut me some slack.

Anyway, I did remember to take an "After" photo of the confit and potatoes...

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