Friday, May 22, 2009

jour no. 22 - disorienting

We trekked to the 13e for some Vietnamese food at Le Bambou. Overall, it was great to have something other than rich French food, but a lot of the dishes were sweet, which isn't my thing (I tend to like my savory to be savory), and I didn't get as much of a spice fix as I needed.

And, as with Grand Sichuan in New York, something about waiting outside, then having mad waiters runners around and taking your order within two minutes, and the food coming out hot and fast - anyway, I ate way too much, way too fast.
As with the Japanese restaurant a couple weeks ago, I found it so disorienting to be in an Asian restaurant in Paris. I just could not get my languages straight, so even ordering a couple more beers threw me off; for some reason, I kept wanting to say, "Dos cervezas, por favor." The synapses would not fire.

But it was fun to have the waiter in this scruffy joint say, after clearing the table, "Voilà!"

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