Saturday, May 23, 2009

jours nos. 23 + 24 - say it ain't so!

I'm shocked. It's coming to an end, my sojourn, after which I have literally No Plans. Suggestions on what to do with my life are very welcome.

I did get one lovely vision of a potential future from Amy, who I met last night; she's a friend of a friend, but hopefully now just a friend. She's American but has lived here for years and years, in an absolutely lovely house just west of the 17e, where it's very lush and parklike. At any rate, after telling her and her two friends (one of whom is such a dead ringer for Julia Roberts, both in looks and voice, that I kept feeling like I was in the dinner party scene in Notting Hill) the overview of how I ended up with time to kill and a trip to Paris, Amy said, very decisively, "This is what you do. You move to Paris, rent this room from me, get paid to have lunch with French businessmen who want to improve their English. You meet my friends, join one of the 150 expat associations, I'll introduce you to handsome French men."


Meanwhile, I'm cleaning out the pantry. Breakfast today: melon, grapefruit juice, tea, yogurt with honey, croissant, and fig bread.

I feel gooooooood.


  1. Thank you so much for these wonderful diaries. Surely there's some American multi-national who needs a great writer for their Paris office? Part-time, of course, so you can still enjoy the city.
    Bonne chance et merci!

  2. Mon Dieu, cheri, grab that opportunity! Paid to have English conversations with Parisian businessmen?! Your blog has been such a joy, I'm loath to see it pass away.

  3. I am thinking about visiting paris too and your blog is inspiring. Can americans really be paid to have conversations with french business men? Is this legit or is this equivalent to being an escort/hooker? lol I'd love more details on this :-)

  4. V: Well, the woman who told me about the money to be had chatting with French businessmen didn't SEEM like a pimp/madame, so I'm assuming this occupation does actually exist, somewhere on the legal side of things. That said, I have no idea how much it pays, or how to go about finding this kind of work. There are apparently hundreds of ex-pat associations in Paris; I'd say start googling to find them, and see what comes up. And keep me posted! If it does turn out to be lucrative, I'm on the next plane.