Thursday, May 7, 2009

jour no. 8 - speaking of food...

...I haven't been writing much about food the last day or so, but please don't let that give you the idea that I haven't been eating. In fact, as we speak, I'm devouring a lovely, rich, dense chocolate crottin from Eric Kayser, despite the fact that:

(a) I'm full
(b) I'm really starting to feel a little fat
(c) chocolate gives me insomnia, and here it is 11:43 pm.

Anyway, it's damn delicious. Case closed.

Tonight (at least until the crottin) was actually somewhat healthful. At Claire's apartment, I had delicious take-out Lebanese food and a bottle of rosé on her beautiful terrace, with its incredible view over courtyards and rooftops, on the most beautiful evening yet. Plus I got to play with 18-month-old Isabelle, and admire her red hair.

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